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DZIESIĄTY|WRZEŚNIA is a polish subsidiary of the french consulting firm DIX|SEPTEMBRE, who supports companies in the valorization of their research and innovation activities in France, overseas french territories and more generally within the European Union (Poland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium...) since 2010.

Runned by Emmanuel Cognet and Julien Bouteiller, DIX|SEPTEMBRE reached 3M€ turnover in 2019.

At the request of our french customers with subsidiaries in Poland, DIX|SEPTEMBRE brings its know-how in the identification and promotion of research and development projects. To ensure the quality of its support, DIX|SEPTEMBRE created its polish subsidiary DZIESIĄTY|WRZEŚNIA and expanded its team with Anna Plichta-Huteau, a polish consulting engineer.

From a start-up to a large group, we are involved in all stages of the business life cycle.

Doctors or engineers, our consultants have necessary skills to intervene in all sectors of activity: agri-food, aeronautics, building, mechanics, electronics, IT, finances, consulting, retraining...

Meant to be on a human scale consultancy company we provide a team responsible of client's file, composed of a consultant engineer, a back office coordinator, and a sales contact.

DIX|SEPTEMBRE has the french certification OPQCM attesting the professionalism, competence and know-how of the qualified consulting firm and prejudges a relationship of trust between the client and provider.

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DIX|SEPTEMBRE obtained in 2020 the certification Great Place to Work®, a reference in the field of

workplace culture.

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